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TyrePal Tyre Pressure Monitoring System



TyrePal TD1000 Tyre Pressure
Monitoring System

  • Our Price: £165.00 (inc VAT)
  • Product Code: TyrePal-Car
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Tyrepal TD1200 Tyre Pressure System - High Pressure 180psi

  • Our Price: £195.00 (inc VAT)
  • Product Code: TyrePal-Car-HiPress
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TyrePal Tyre Pressure Monitoring System REDUCED BY £30 NOVEMBER 2011
A new system from TyrePal makes it easy to monitor tyre pressures with a display at your driving position. The system uses valve-cap sensors to transmit accurate pressure and temperature data from your tyres.
Cornering, steering, road-holding, fuel use and tyre wear all critically rely on four small patches of rubber in contact with the road, so serious attention to tyre pressures pays off in regular road use as well as in race performance.
The system continuously displays pressure for each tyre and gives a leak alarm and alerts for low pressure. For performance users, tyre temperature can be displayed by pushing a button, and there are high pressure and high temperature alerts. Alert thresholds are all adjustable from the default settings.
Installation is quick and easy. Just screw the sensors onto the tyres in place of standard valve caps and fit the anti-theft collars if required. Position the monitor on the bracket in view of the driver and the job´s done. There´s no need to remove the tyres, no programming and generally no need to even rebalance the wheels.
No wiring is required. Power for the monitor can be from internal batteries that last about six months or from the vehicle´s 12V power supply with the plug-in connector provided. Lithium batteries in the valve-cap sensors last 1 to 2 years and are replaceable.
Pressure can be displayed in psi, bar or KPa, with an accuracy ±1psi.

Maximum tyre pressure is 60psi for the TD1000 Standard System, suitable for most cars, with the High Pressure TD1200 (up to 180psi) version also available to order above.

Temperature in °C or °F is accurate to 2°C.

TyrePal Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - Specifications

  • Handling and performance
    Optimum tyre pressure is critical for performance driving, while safe levels are frequently ignored by regular road users.
    Incorrect pressures lead to less grip, increased breaking distances and poor cornering. Soft tyres can overheat, delaminate and cause blow-outs.
  • Tyre pressure surveys
    Surveys in the UK over recent years suggest that about 75% of vehicles on Britain´s roads have incorrectly inflated tyres. A report by the RAC foundation puts the figure at up to 90% of vehicles.
  • Safety
    Tyre defects are the leading vehicle fault contributing to accidents, being an identified factor in 3% of motorway accidents.
    The latest published road casualty statistics record 283 fatal or serious accidents where tyre condition was a factor.
  • Tyre wear and fuel use
    Under-inflation of just 3psi can increase fuel consumption by 5%. For 6 psi under-inflation the increase is 10% to 20%.
    Tyre wear increases 10% to 15% for tyres 3psi under-inflated, and a massive 30% at 6psi.
  • Legislation
    EU tyre pressure regulations are concerned with environmental impact as well as safety. Legislation approved in March 2009 means that approved tyre pressure monitoring systems will have to be fitted to all new cars sold in the EU from 2014, and for all new type-approvals from 2012. Detailed technical requirements are still being thrashed out.
    Tyre pressure monitoring systems have been mandatory on all new cars sold in the USA since 2008.
  • Environmental impact
    By our most conservative estimate, incorrect tyre pressures in the UK are responsible for 4 million tonnes of unnecessary CO2 emission every year. Road transport was the source of 121.6 million tonnes of CO2 (22% of all UK CO2 emission) in 2007.
    Almost three quarters of a million tyres are wasted each year in the UK through running on incorrect tyre pressures. A total of 500,000 tonnes of tyres are scrapped each year in the UK - that´s about 5 million tyres. This impacts on the environment through
    • CO2 emissions from unnecessary tyre manufacture
    • Additional disposal burden of used tyres
    • Direct production of debris and dust from tyre wear on roads