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A full range of covers for funeral limousines and hearses

funeral carsIn conjunction with three major manufacturers of funeral limousines and hearses, Eagle Specialist Vehicles, Wilcox and Duffy Coachbodies, we have custom made a range of covers to protect the delicate paint finish of these oft-washed vehicles.

Our covers are for:

  • Eagle Jaguar XJ Limousine and hearse, and new 2010 XJ
  • Wilcox Volvo (2008) limousine and hearse
  • Duffy Mercedes limousine and hearse
  • Will also fit Ford, Daimler, Vauxhall and Bentley/Rolls Royce

Indoor covers options:

a) Standard fit soft brushed cotton winceyette in light blue, which fit Limousine only £113

b) Model specific semi-custom in a choice of colours in a  'peachskin' feel fabric which is water resistant. £245

c) Soft cotton winceyette, model specific semi-custom. £245

Options a and b available in black, navy blue, red or silver/grey.

Outdoor covers options:

a) A breathable tri-ply spun polypropelene fabric, which is water resistant, in light grey, standard fit for Limousines only, or custom fit for any vehicle. Standard fit around £115, custom fit £275

b) Totally waterproof semi-custom heavy duty coated cotton drill, in navy blue or black. Price on application, usually around £400 for hearse, less for limousine.

c) The peachskin type covers can be used outdoors on a temporary basis only.

Covers are hand made in England from patterns made on the actual vehicles so are tailored to fit. Each cover is elasticated at both ends to ensure a snug fit. Limited stocks are held, with delivery to order from 2 days upwards depending on your cover choice.

Ordering - Indoor Cotton Winceyette - All £245

Navy blue, black, red, dark green

Eagle Limousine

Rosso-Eagle-L £245 Add to basket

Eagle Hearse

Rosso-Eagle-H £245 Add to basket

Volvo Limousine

Rosso-Volvo-L £245 Add to basket

Volvo Hearse

Rosso-Volvo-H £245 Add to basket

Mercedes Limousine

Rosso-Merc-L £245 Add to basket

Mercedes Hearse

Rosso-Merc-H £245 Add to basket



Ordering – Breathable (Peachskin finish) - all £245

Navy blue, royal blue, black, red, dark green, silver/grey

Eagle Limousine Black

Eagle-L-Black £245 Add to basket

Eagle Limousine Blue

Eagle-L-Blue £245 Add to basket

Eagle Hearse Black

Eagle-H-Black £245 Add to basket

Eagle Hearse Blue

Eagle-H-Blue £245 Add to basket

Volvo Limousine – Black

Volvo-L-Black £245 Add to basket

Volvo Limousine – Navy Blue

Volvo-L-Blue £245 Add to basket

Volvo Hearse – Black

Volvo-H-Black £245 Add to basket

Volvo Hearse – Navy Blue

Volvo-H-Blue £245 Add to basket

Mercedes Limousine Black

Merc-L-Black £245 Add to basket

Mercedes Limousine Blue

Merc-L-Blue £245 Add to basket

Mercedes Hearse Black

Merc-H-Black £245 Add to basket

Mercedes Hearse Blue

Merc-L-Blue £245 Add to basket


Our Standard Range

Indoor Covers – standard fit (vehicles 15'9" to 17' 5")
We can also provide standard fit brushed pale blue (only) poly cotton covers, also elasticated both ends with protected zips to enable vehicle access both sides, for vehicles up to 18’ 9” feet (5.65 m) in length. From stock.

Indoor Cover - limo only

SIC- F £113.00 Add to basket

Outdoor Breathable Covers- standard fit (vehicles 18'8" to 22ft )
Made from a lightweight grey breatheable material that is around 90% waterproof, these covers allow paintwork to breathe and can this be placed on a wet vehicle. They feature a golf-ball, dimpled texture fabric best suited for vehicles kept permanently outside. These standard fit covers are elasticated both ends with under body straps too. LSR-G is ex-stock.

Outdoor Breathable Limo Cover

LSR-G £120.00 Add to basket

Fully custom made outdoor breathable covers
Additionally, we can produce custom made outdoor breathable covers in the same material, at £275, for most models of hearse and limousine that either won't fit a standard cover or for which you require a closer fit..

Fully custom made outdoor breathable cover

LSR-XF £275.00 Add to basket

For other vehicles we are delighted to provide a custom quote.

Illustrated below: black peachskin fabric Mercedes hearse cover.